Hard Candy Edibles – Canada Wide Holiday Shipping & Savings

Hard Candy Edibles Mail Order Marijuana

Hard candy edibles are a popular way for many people to consume recreational and therapeutic THC and CBD. They come in a multitude of flavours and formats and are easy to fit into any daily routine. During the Christmas season, many companies like Canna West produce candy cane flavoured edibles that are a perfect match for the holidays. 

Hard Candy Edibles – Canna West Candy Cane Chunks

Hard candy edibles are a specialty of Canna West, and their Candy Cane Chunks are a great example. Produced primarily for the Christmas market, these THC candies are the perfect combination of sweet and minty. What better gift could you give to that special someone in your life than an incredible tasting Christmas themed treat? With a combined 200 mgs of carefully refined THC (20 x 10mg), Canna West’s Candy Cane Chunks will be a big Christmas gift hit over the holidays.

Christmas Edibles Online – Hard Candy, Gummies, Cookies, & Tinctures

Christmas shopping gets even better when you include all of the wonderful assortments and tastes of our cannabis edibles. Want some beautiful and merry colours? Then check out our incredible rainbow array of gummies in all types of flavours and dosages. How about sweet lollipops and rock candy? Then browse our selection of hard candy edibles.

And what says Christmas cheer better than a tasty gingerbread weed cookie? Canna West’s 25 mg gingerbread men are a great way to ring in the new year with the perfect mood enhancement for parties or stay-at-home reflections. Whatever situation you are looking to add edibles to over Christmas, Buy Low Buds will express ship them right to your door. Our marijuana mail order experts will ensure you always get your supplies quickly and securely.

Hard Candy Edibles – Free Canada Shipping & Holiday Savings

Our hard candy edibles are always favourites and Canna West’s Candy Cane Chunks are now an incredible 25% off! With free Canada wide shipping on orders over $100, you can’t go wrong in buying these delicious cannabis Christmas treats. Thank you for being a Buy Low Buds member and we wish you and yours a magical holiday season!